Time Limit for availing Input Tax Credit on Debit Notes
One of the most controversial topics of the month is time limit for availing ITC on Debit Notes. The GST Department has come up with a circular this month on 20th September to give clarity on this issue. In this article , we will discuss various issues relating to Input Tax Credit on Debit Notes.
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What is the due date of filing GSTR3B for the period January to March 2021?
Due date of filing GSTR3B. A constantly changing date. What is the due date for you? Have you done late filing by not knowing the due date? New dates are in operation. Read this article to know more.
19/03/2021 11:05 PM - Comment(s)
Missed paying last instalment of advance tax? Can you still avoid interest?
Missed payment of advance tax? Don't worry. You can still avoid paying large portion of your interest on late payment of taxes. Read this article to know how to avoid interest liability
17/03/2021 10:10 PM - Comment(s)
HSN Codes!!! What is changing from 1st April 2021? How to gear up?
HSN Codes are getting mandatory w.e.f 1st April 2021. Are you ready for this change? What does this change mean for you? How are you affected? What if you don't comply with this change? We are trying to answer all these questions in this article. Read more for details.
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Have you selected your "Core Business" in GST Portal?
A new requirement of GST portal - Select your Core Business Activity. What is this all about? Can you avoid this selection? Why Government is collecting this data? Read this article to answer all your questions.
15/03/2021 08:45 PM - Comment(s)