HSN Codes!!! What is changing from 1st April 2021? How to gear up?
HSN Codes are getting mandatory w.e.f 1st April 2021. Are you ready for this change? What does this change mean for you? How are you affected? What if you don't comply with this change? We are trying to answer all these questions in this article. Read more for details.
16/03/2021 10:53 PM - Comment(s)
New Tax Regime or Old: Which Tax Regime Should You Opt? 
Are you confused between the old Income tax regime and the new tax regime? Are you still following the old tax regime, and are you not clear about the new tax system? Is the newly introduced Tax-system more beneficial for you? Check out this article to know more.
16/03/2021 06:18 PM - Comment(s)
Have you selected your "Core Business" in GST Portal?
A new requirement of GST portal - Select your Core Business Activity. What is this all about? Can you avoid this selection? Why Government is collecting this data? Read this article to answer all your questions.
15/03/2021 08:45 PM - Comment(s)
GSTR3B can be revised or rectified!!
Its quite obvious that we all have done errors while filing our GST returns. We know that returns once filed cannot be revised. In this article we are challenging this situation of law in the light of 2 landmark judgements. Also we are discussing the proposed amendment as per Finance Bill 2021.
13/03/2021 11:09 PM - Comment(s)
Received message for High Value Transactions from IT Department? Don't Panic
A message campaign by the Income Tax department asking the taxpayers to click on Compliance Portal to submit response to their 'High Value Financial Transactions' has created chaos. We are discussing what it is all about and what are the steps to be taken?
12/03/2021 10:53 PM - Comment(s)