What is the due date of filing GSTR3B for the period January to March 2021?

19/03/2021 11:05 PM By ROHIT GUPTA

New GSTR3B filing dates are in operation since January 2021. Have you noted this change?

Till 31st December we were filing GSTR3B in staggered manner. For taxpayers having turnover more than Rs. 5 Crores, last date to file GSTR3B was 20th of subsequent month and for taxpayers having turnover upto Rs. 5 Crores, last date to file GSTR3B was 22nd or 24th of the subsequent month as per the state of the taxpayer.

Government came with a notification to continue with this due dates of filing on 15th October 2020 - Notification No. 76/2020. However, on 10th of November 2020 the government rescinded Notification No. 76/2020 vide another Notification No. 86/2020. It created a chaos among the taxpayers for the due dates to file GSTR3B while filing for the month of January 2021. This change was done due to a major change in GST filing system which was coming into effect from January 2021. Quarterly filing of GSTR3B. Prior to January 2021, only GSTR1 return could have been filed by quarterly taxpayer. This scheme of return filing is termed as Quarterly return filing and monthly payment of taxes scheme (QRMP). To know more on this scheme you may check our blogs on this topic on which we are discussing this topic elaborately.

It is to be noted that a taxpayer is eligible to opt for QRMP scheme if his aggregate turnover in the preceding financial year is upto Rs. 5 Crores. Under this scheme an option is available to taxpayers having turnover upto 5 Crores to either opt for quarterly return filing or to file his return on monthly basis. Under this scheme, both GSTR1 and GSTR3B has to be filed on quarterly basis. Quarterly GSTR1 has to be filed by 11th of the month succeeding such quarter and quarterly GSTR3B has to be filed on or before 22nd or 24th day of the month succeeding such quarter. So, the staggered filing of GSTR3B is still in place but only for the taxpayers who has opted for QRMP Scheme.

However, if you are under monthly filing scheme, you need to file your GSTR3B on or before 20th of the succeeding month, whatsoever is your turnover and in whichever state you are.

This change was quite unknown to many. However, GSTN tried to inform all the taxpayers by various means. Specially, by messages which it started sending from 15th of February 2021 to alert taxpayers to file GSTR3B by 20th. However, the taxpayers realised this fact while filing GSTR3B for the month of February 2021, when they found late fees levied in their returns. Due dates as per GST Portal - 


If you haven't filed your GSTR3B for February, go and file it now as 20th is the last date for February. We hope this article will help you in identifying your due dates of return filings. In case you need any help, you may contact us. We will be happy to help you.

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