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What is the due date of filing GSTR3B for the period January to March 2021?
Due date of filing GSTR3B. A constantly changing date. What is the due date for you? Have you done late filing by not knowing the due date? New dates are in operation. Read this article to know more.
19/03/2021 11:05 PM - Comment(s)
I am mandatory classified under QRMP Scheme. How and when to opt out?
In order to facilitate the taxpayers, it was decided that for the first quarter i.e., Jan21 to Mar21 default migration of taxpayers will be done. This default migration affected many and they now want to know how to opt out of the scheme.
10/03/2021 11:02 PM - Comment(s)
Changes in GST Payments due to QRMP Scheme (applicable since January 2021)
Quarterly Return filings and Monthly Payment of Taxes (QRMP) Scheme allows payment of taxes monthly while the returns can be filed once in three months. In this article we are discussing the intricacies of GST Payments under QRMP Scheme
08/03/2021 10:58 PM - Comment(s)